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This Monarch Butterfly Paper Mache Doll is a one of a kind piece, shes all hand painted and handmade from Salamanca, Guanajuato. She was made by an amazing artisan named Brittani, she is a very well knonw artisan from Guanajuato! She has show cased her paper mache art in different museums all over Mexico! This doll took a month to make, she makes the dolls from scratch by molding each part with paper and a special glue and it takes days or even weeks to dry. Once the drying process is finished she goes on to painting the doll from head to toe! and adds these beautiful accessories ( which are also handmade) onto the doll! 

Monarch Paper Mache Doll

  • This beautiful paper mache doll is 15in Tall

    These are unique and won't be made the same again.

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