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Folklore Dresses 

Beautiful and unique high Couture dresses all 100% Mexican brand. This brand specializes in the design and manufacture of folk costumes, located in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco. Directed by fashion designer Enrique Alvarado, a folkloric artist with more than 25 years of experience in dance. 

This amazing team is made up of 6 full-time designers, specialized in typical clothing, who work in there workshop in a artesenal way for each of the pieces they make. They do not work industrially, in series or in a factory. Each costume implies a meticulous process that requires great detail, supervision and attention, so that you can have a unique garment with guaranteed quality.

Dresses From Different Regions Of Mexico


You can customize any part of your dress! The colors, sleeves, length and the accessories! 

You can pick your dress from any region in Mexico! Above are just some examples of the 

 beautiful dresses from different regions in Mexico! Perfect for weddings, quinceañeras, folk dancing and for any special event!

 For your dress to fit perfectly, we would need your measurements and for that you would need to contact us directly so we can show you the measurements we need. We have more pictures of  dresses as well if you would like us to send them to you! Just email us! The best time to obtain one of these dresses is the beginning of the year!

If you would like to obtain one of these unique and beautiful dresses, We would need a 50% Deposit (Non refundable) and when the dress gets here, we would need the other 50% once the first deposit is complete, the dress will be done around 2-4 months depending on how busy the workshop is in Mexico, So if there is any big event that is going to happen, please let us know months before so we can have it on time for you! We would be updating you on how the dress is progressing and sending pictures. 

Email us to inquire one of these dresses

or you can message us on Facebook or Instagram as well!

Thank you!

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